CCWRO is looking the fact that tens of thousands of CalWORKs recipients and CalWORKs college students are not receiving the transportation supportive services that they are ENTITLED to.

There are also tens of thousands of CalWORKs working moms and dads who do not get transportation money by the county to which they are ENTITLED. We estimate that this unlawful behavior of county welfare departments costs CalWORKs families over $5 million a month. Meanwhile many of these families are hungry at the end of the month. This is unconscionable.

If you were working or participating in a welfare-to-work (WtW) activity and did not get transportation for any month that you needed, please complete the form below and get back to us.

PLEASE NOTE: CCWRO is not guaranteeing representation and is only investigating at this time. CCWRO must talk to you before deciding whether to represent you. Any representation will require a signed retainer agreement.

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