"The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives, and the Dream Shall Never Die." T.M. Kennedy

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CCWRO Testimony

Folder CCWRO Testimony ( CCWRO Testimony )


pdf 1010 Unanswered Questions About Agnos-Swoap Workfare Bill - AB 2580 (179 downloads) Popular Download (pdf)
pdf 2011 CalWORKs/TANF Recipients Status (714 downloads) Popular Download (doc)
pdf 7-31-13 CCWRO Testimony before House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Human Resources (547 downloads) Popular Download (xlsx)
pdf AB 2580, Chapter 1025, Statutes of 1985- The First California Workfare Bill (65 downloads) Download (pdf)
pdf CCWRO 2001 CalWORKs Recipient Perspective Testimony/Report (50 downloads) Download (pdf)
pdf CCWRO May 1987 Recipient Impact Statement - H.R. 1720 (124 downloads) Popular Download (pdf)
pdf CCWRO Recipient Impact Statement of AB 2580 as Introduced - Agnos-Swoap Welfare Deform Bill (382 downloads) Popular Download (pdf)
document CCWRO testimony Before Subcommittee on Income Security and Family on TANF & ARRA Download (pdf)
document CCWRO Ways and Means Testimony 2-11-15- Moving America's Families Forward (426 downloads) Popular Download (docx)
document CCWRO-Recipient-Impact-Statement-2015-TANF-Reauthorization-Draft-Proposal-House-Ways-and-Means-Committee (430 downloads) Popular Download (docx)
pdf December 9, 1991 CCWRO Testimony Before Subcommittee on Human Resources Committee on Ways & Means (366 downloads) Popular Download (pdf)
pdf HR 1720, 1087 - CCWRO Recipient Impact Statement (431 downloads) Popular Download (pdf)
pdf March 11, 2010 CCWRO Testimony Before the House Ways & Means Committee (692 downloads) Popular Download (doc)
pdf Welfare Reform Hearing October 14, 1987 Senate Finance Committee Download (pdf)

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