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Joint Dialogue with Advocates and Los Angeles DPSS
Thursday, May 23, 2019, 02:00pm - 04:00pm
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The Joint Dialogue takes place on the 4th Thursday of every other month. It is an opportunity for LA County advocates to raise concerns about, or barriers to, beneficiaries' access to public benefits administered by LADPSS. We encourage all advocates to join. On the first Monday of every month, we discuss barriers and issues at Welfare Check-in, and plan for Joint Dialogue. Email Jessica Mark with issues to raise at welfare check-in: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There is no call in.
12820 Crossroads Pkwy South
City of Industry, CA 91746
Conference Room 282 (West Building)

Joint Dialogue, May 23, 2019

Advocate New Agenda Items

Standing Requests:

  1. Updates from Department
    • Policy Changes
    • New Programs
    • New CSC Programs and Functionalities
  2. Rosters
    • BWS
    • ASH
    • IHSS

New Items (In addition to chart):

  1. Clearance Procedures:
    1. Update


  1. Medi-Cal issues: (No one from Medi-Cal addressed this last time)
    1. Spousal Impoverishment
      1. Issue: Bet Tzedek sent several cases in which Medi-Cal does not apply the spousal impoverishment rules where spousal impoverishment was previously granted, and case continued to be eligible for spousal impoverishment after advocate intervention.
      2. New Request:
        1. We’d like to discuss whether there’s an opportunity to pursue automation/flagging of SI cases to ensure they receive SI evaluation continuously
  1. IHSS
    1. Helpline:
      1. Please provide data by May 23. It has been one year since implementation.
      2. Also, we would like DPSS to give a progress report on the Helpline issues we flagged at the March 18 meeting with DPSS. These include:
        1. DPSS will investigate why the Helpline call back option is not functioning properly and fix the problem.
        2. DPSS will consider adding a menu option for health care professionals  to reach DPSS directly
          1. Health care professionals will be redirected to the county deputies
        3. DPSS will consider an option to allow consumers to request reassessments without remaining on hold (due process issue)
      3. Contact info for SW/Supervisor at Reassessments:
        1. At the annual IHSS home visit, the SW gives the consumer a contact list with the telephone numbers of the IHSS social worker, supervisor and deputy director. DPSS stated IHSS will continue to provide the direct dial numbers for the supervisor and deputy director; however, several consumers report IHSS only gave them the IHSS Helpline number for the supervisor and deputy.  What is the policy?   Will DPSS continue to provide the direct dial numbers for the supervisors and deputy directors to consumers at the annual home visit?


  1. Warm hand-off procedure from GR to CW when GR beneficiary reaches 2nd trimester of pregnancy
    1. Case from last case review: (L498835) GR applicant was 4-6 weeks pregnant when she applied in February. She states online application only asks if have children, not if pregnant. Advocates learned of pregnancy, and informed GR office, which was still processing application. GR gave Feb. benefits, but terminated her March benefits in March 8 NOA b/c she was eligible for CW around March 8 (2nd trimester).
    2. New Case: # is L130219, Metro Special. Client went to the office in April, informed the worker that she is pregnant, due October 29, 2019.  Worker told her that to avoid fraud, there would be a gap in benefits, in May she would not receive GR or CW.  Pickup date is the 9th, but supposedly they issued GR and prorated CW today after I did inquiry.
      1. Cases highlight need for clear policy on timing of transfer from GR to CW when beneficiary hits 2nd trimester, and warm hand off/coordination between GR/CW to make sure pregnant women on GR do not experience any interruption in benefits when transferring to CW.
  1. GAIN- Sanction Rate Discussion
    1. Data CCWRO obtained showing only 59% of individuals who should be participating in GAIN are, because rest are sanctioned (12,190 people sanctioned, 7,144 for a year of more)
    2. Proposed resolution:
      1. DPSS and Advocates work together to develop a form to send to all people in sanction status, each month:
        1. Check box if want to participate: DPSS to follow up with appointment w/in 20 days
        2. Check boxes for all exemptions
        3. Check boxes for reason couldn’t participate:
          1. Childcare
          2. Transportation
        4. Check boxes for good cause reasons
  1. MAXIMUS Issues for Community College Counselors
    1. Ancillary payment issues: students told $60 is limit, not baseline
      1. Students told that if they request $60 for 1 semester, they can’t request any more money for the next semester
      2. Clarification required: automatic $60 payments twice a year, but then able to request more money beyond $60 if provide proof of need.
    2. Resolution w/ Maximus has been difficult
      1. Tried to talk about issues w/ worker trainings at grant meeting, but it was removed from agenda. Attempted to speak w/ Anna White on this issue but had little success
        1. DPSS demands case numbers to exemplify these issues before they will meet to discuss problematic trends, but most students are immigrants/refugees, and they are not able to send in case complaints or contact legal services for fear of retaliation
        2. NOAs are not being issued so nothing to appeal
  1. YBN Document Issues: a number of documents are not on YBN.
    1. renewal forms not on YBN for entire 90 day cure
    2. PA 1918 is not available online at YBN, even though there’s a link where it should be available (verification of cash benefits, number in AU) – students require proof of benefits to continue receiving services from CW office on campus. Forced to stand in line in person at DPSS office 4 times a year to get form.
    3. CalFresh on YBN
      1. notices not always available on YBN (Is DPSS still sending paper notices or only YBN notices, unless opt-out of online notices?)
      2. Redetermination/Recert forms are not always available, so forced to submit by mail b/c it’s not available online
Location 12820 Crossroads Pkwy South City of Industry, CA 91746 Conference Room 282 (West Building)