"The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives, and the Dream Shall Never Die." T.M. Kennedy

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spreadsheet California County Contacts for CAPI program (13 downloads) Download (xlsx, 30 KB)
spreadsheet California County Contacts for CalWORKs Overpayment/CalFresh Overissuance Claims (9 downloads) Download (xlsx, 26 KB)
spreadsheet California County IEVS Coordinators Contact List (5 downloads) Download (xlsx, 20 KB)
spreadsheet California County Contacts for CalWORKs Overpayment and CalFresh Overissuance Claims Contact List (7 downloads) Download (xlsx, 26 KB)
spreadsheet California County Special Investigative Unit (welfare fraud) Contact List (11 downloads) Download (xlsx, 239 KB)
spreadsheet California County Homeless Assistance Various Program Contact Spreadsheet (36 downloads) Download (xlsx, 429 KB)
pdf California County Wrap Coordinators (43 downloads) Download (pdf, 53 KB)
pdf California County AB 1299 Points of Contact (53 downloads) Download (pdf, 287 KB)
pdf California County SDM Core Team Member Rosters (49 downloads) Download (pdf, 273 KB)
spreadsheet California County RFA Contacts (81 downloads) Download (xlsx, 31 KB)
pdf California Los Angeles County DPSS rosters (234 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.66 MB)
spreadsheet California County CDSS Statistical Report , like CS 237, GA 237, WtW 25 Contacts (108 downloads) Popular Download (xlsx, 279 KB)
spreadsheet California County RADEP Contacts (52 downloads) Download (xlsx, 10 KB)
spreadsheet California County E2L (WPR) Contacts (87 downloads) Download (xlsx, 40 KB)
pdf California County IHSS County Fax Numbers to Make IHSS applications (203 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 55 KB)
pdf California County MEDS Contacts (125 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 730 KB)
spreadsheet California County 58 County IHSS Phone Roster with email addresses (977 downloads) Popular Download (xlsx, 221 KB)
pdf California County Contacts for Child Welfare Presumptive Transfer (AB 1299) (608 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 497 KB)
document California County Resource Family Approval Counties Staff Directory (778 downloads) Popular Download (docx, 313 KB)
pdf California Inter County Transfer Statewide Coordinator List-12-17 (544 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 508 KB)
pdf California County Rosters for CDSS and Contacts for County Housing Assistance Programs (742 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.29 MB)
pdf California County CalWORKs Bringing Families Home Program Contacts (1035 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 284 KB)
pdf California County CalFresh, CalWORKs, Medi-Cal and WtW Inter-County-Transfer (ICT) Contact Persons - 12-2017 (4124 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 491 KB)
document California County Civil Rights Coordinators (730 downloads) Popular Download (docx, 136 KB)
pdf California County Medi-Cal Policy/Program Coordinators (1451 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 31 KB)
spreadsheet California County Medi-Cal Program Contacts - 4/20/17 (1087 downloads) Popular Download (xlsx, 34 KB)
pdf California County EBT Contacts - April, 2016 (1745 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 420 KB)
spreadsheet California County AB 402 Contact List - 3-16 (785 downloads) Popular Download (xlsx, 19 KB)
document California County CalFresh Restaurant Meals Contact List (708 downloads) Popular Download (docx, 16 KB)
document California County Medi-Cal Inter-County Transfer Coordinators -9-2015 (5985 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 693 KB)