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Did you know that when you apply for food stamps and have less than $100 in resources and your income is less than $150 a month you are ENTITLED to get food stamps within three days in most cases?

If you did not get food stamps in three days from the date of application, please contact us as soon possible. You can email us at "Ask CCWRO". If we get adequate interest we may file a law suit to STOP HUNGER in California.

On-Line Welfare Application


On-Line Application for Welfare


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1   Link   TANF Statute USC 42 §601 et.seq.
2   Link   Welfare Federal Regulations Title 45
3   Link   HHS TANF Program Instructions
4   Link   HHS TANF Information Memoranda
5   Link   Federal Register
6   Link   GAO Reports
7   Link   Emergency Regulations Under Review
8   Link   California Welfare Statutes - See Division 9
9   Link   California State CalWORKs Regulations
10   Link   All County Letters
11   Link   All County Information Notice
12   Link   Welfare Forms
13   Link   CalWORKs Data Tables
14   Link   CalWORKs Data Trends
15   Link   DSS CalWORKs Reports
16   Link   Welfare Fraud Data Tables
17   Link   Welfare Fraud Investigation Report
18   Link   DSS Fiscal Letters
19   Link   CalWORKs County Letters
20   Link   Federal Grant Awards Terms & Conditions
21   Link   Notice Of Forms Changes (GEN 127s)